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Specialist Recruitment partner specialising in Digital Security recruitment, Payment Recruitment, M2M recruitment and Identity & Access recruitment.
Digital Duco also can assist Telecom recruitment within the Microwave and IP markets.


Digital Duco boasts 5 years’ worth of experience with an extensive network globally using a Project Management approach to recruitment, giving Hiring Managers an alternative option for hiring, reducing timescales and increasing the attraction of the “right” talent to their respective companies


Digital Duco is a Specialist recruitment, consultancy and recruitment solution provider working with companies on a global scale providing world class & ethical talent finding services. If you are looking for assistance within your company’s growth or simply just a niche or senior profile pool of candidates without having to break your budget bank.  Digital Duco is here to provide the right solution.


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We work within varied markets which include niche, emerging and fully established with a Project Management approach ensuring all factors surrounding our client’s needs are met with a high level of communication, professionalism & structure.
Understanding your business and challenges within the talent market is a priority.
Currently we service Digital Security, Professional Services, M2M, Payments, Identity & Access Management & Multiple Telecom verticals


Digital Duco has access to an extensive technology specific candidate database, social media, company mapping, access to key industry job boards, Networking Conferences/Events & Candidate referrals


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